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You have an idea for a book swimming around in the back of your head. You want to write and publish this book.

I know the feeling. 

You want to morph it from your wish list to a best seller.You want to sell your book on Amazon. You have something to say and you want to get paid for it. 

And you can. You should. There's no reason not to. 

Look, I've published more than twenty-five books with major publishers from Simon & Schuster to McMillan and Crown. All earned me money and stature. All still do. My biography of financier Carl Icahn pulled in an advance payment to me of $175,000 from the publisher and still earns me thousands a year on Amazon, more than 20 years after it was first published. 
I've been through this and I can help you organize your book, write it, publish it, print it and sell it!
What can you write about? 
Anything you have a passion for and knowledge about. 

Do you need to be an established  author? 
Absolutely not. When I published my first book, I was a 25-year old nobody in the publishing world. 

Do you need to have a big publisher behind you?
Not today. We can explore that route, but with the quality of a good book fused with the power of the Amazon publishing platform, you can write a best seller without engaging with a traditional publisher. 
I can help you do it all.
Quickly, simply and powerfully. And the sky is truly the limit. 

Case in point: some years ago, I had the offbeat idea of writing a book called "Your Marketing Sucks." 

I had an agent, but he hated the tittle. 
I went to another agent. Same response. 
I knew top people at major publishers, who had published my previous books. 

All thought the idea was atrocious. 
But I marched on. I persevered. I wrote the book that was yes, overflowing in my mind. And then I showed it to the same elites who rejected the idea at the outset, and boom, now they loved it. 

But all had one more demand:
"Change the damn title. No one wants to buy a book with the word 'Sucks' in it!"
"BS," I said. "If you want the book, you need to accept, no you need to embrace, the title."

And they did. And I sold the book to the Crown division of Random House for hefty advance. And Your Marketing Sucks raced to the top of the Business Week Best Seller list, number 20 of all books on Amazon, a smash at Barnes & Noble and has earned me millions in royalties, business fees and consulting engagements across the globe (Your Marketing Sucks is available in nine languages, each edition with its own revenue stream.) 
 Here's how we can work together to get your book published and hopefully into the Best Seller sweepstakes! 

 Develop an engaging title

Write or edit the manuscript

Introduce you to a premier agent or go directly to Amazon

Put you in the hands of a MSCO, an excellent marketing firm

I want to thank Mark Stevens for all of his tremendous help in publishing our successful business book, Smart Assets.  He was clearly the marketing genius, key editor and driving force for the project.  We could not have done it without him and his creative guidance.  He made it fun.

As an organization, we had enormous intellectual property and expertise in the area of business and estate planning.  Mark immediately saw the potential for a business book on the subject.  He guided us through the entire process from initial concept to the sales of the finished book.  He made it fun.

Mark was able to synthesize the key elements and the diverse subject experts into one voice.  The finished product was an easy to read, compelling and informative book.   The market reception has been terrific and it has served as a focal point for our business  activities. Once again, thank you Mark for an amazing success!

Richard Connors, former President, Annuities Group, The MONY Group

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Our fees are based entirely on your needs.

First, to demonstrate our goodwill and interest in your project, the initial half hour consultation is complimentary. At this point we can discuss what you want to write and what stage (if you’ve even started) you are at, what comes next and how we can help.

If you choose to proceed, our fees are as follows:


• Consulting on the title, structure, content, publishing process: $250 per hour


• High level editing and rewriting: $250 per hour


• Complete writing of a proposal for presentation to agents: $6,000


• Complete writing of a full length book: $25,000 to $50,000


• Guiding marketing firm MSCO’s work in marketing your book: included In MSCO’s fees


• Reading an entire book and recommending improvements: $250 per hour. 


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