• Mark Stevens

Myths And Realities About Publishing A Book

1. Myth:You have to be a good writer.

Reality: All you need is an idea, a story to tell. We can do the writing, editing for you.

2. Myth: It takes a year or more to write and edit a book.

Reality: We can do it for you in as little as 90 days.

3. Myth: You need an agent.

Reality: we can connect you with one or serve as your direct link to Amazon.

4. Myth: It’s too complicated to sell a book to a traditional publisher or to get it successfully

published on Amazon.

Reality: MrBest Seller knows the ins and outs better than anyone else. We do it all for you.

5. Myth: It’s hard to make money publishing a book.

Reality: you can earn millions in advances and royalties.

6. Myth: It’s hard work.

Reality: Not when MrBestSeller’s by your side


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