• Mark Stevens

What Makes A Bestseller

The book market is always competitive. There’s no doubt about it. But that should never stop

any person or business from publishing a book and seeking to turn it into a bestseller.

As the author of more than 30 books, including major bestsellers, MrBestSeller can tell you the

difference between just another book and one that climbs the charts.

Ten Distinguishing Characteristics That Make A Book A Bestseller:

1. An explosive title and subject matter. When I wrote Your Marketing Sucks, I shocked the

business world, introduced a new way of thinking and the book skyrocketed.

2. Excellent writing. In any genre, gifted writing stands out. Reviewers take note and praise

the book on social and traditional media.

3. Knowledge about a subject of interest—anything from culinary arts to computer science

to a Hollywood star — can cultivate a huge following (especially given the viral power of

social media).

4. The story of a compelling entrepreneurial success story or a highly successful business

(startup to Fortune 500).

5. A sweet story about an amazing dog/cat/horse. .

6. The previously untold story of an adventurous life.

7. A truly original character or premise.

8. A cliff hanging mystery.

9. A sexy roller coaster ride involving lovers and sex.

10. The ability to bring a complex, otherwise dry subject, to life.


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